Will They Follow? – ‘HOHM’ Official Full EP Stream – Cardinal Recordings

Will They Follow?

Will They Follow? is a solo project created as an outlet for singer/songwriter Greg Haberek. Haberek has written and worked with bands such as The Body Rampant, Hydra Kyll, Shellshock Lullaby, Pyro, Ohio and many others. After being in bands for many years he has decided to write, track, record, mix and cover all graphic design. “I love doing all of these things and rarely get to put the orchestra I hear in my head out into the world. So this is how I will do it.” -Greg Haberek.
This song is the first single of the EP, ‘HOHM’ which came out in November of 2017. He is currently writing a full-length record and will be giving away the ‘HOHM’ ep for free starting June 1st on BandCamp and SoundCloud . More to come from Will They Follow? in the coming months but in the mean time, check out this track and the ‘HOHM’ EP out now!

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