Yellow Dog Conspiracy – “Somebody Else” Official Music Video

Yellow Dog Conspiracy

Yellow Dog Conspiracy is a Portuguese hard rock band from sunny Lisbon formed in 2013. The current lineup consists of vocalist Vice, lead guitarist Luiz Arantes, bassist Nuno Correia, drummer Alex Zuk and rhythm guitarist Josh Riot.
The band released one EP in June 2013, and after four years of work and several lineup changes, Yellow Dog Conspiracy released their debut studio album ‘Confrontation’ in March 2017, produced and mixed by Brad Cox and legendary producer Mike Clink.
Confrontation is a guitar driven, balls to the walls hard rock album. It features eleven tracks, ranging from intense, political and rebellious subjects like “Enough Is Enough” and “Revenge”, to more soft and inspiring songs like “We Need a Change” and “One to Blame”. Thrown into the mix are some pretty catchy tunes like “Falling Into You”, “Don’t Lie to Me” and “Break it Down”, some fiery and vibrant themes like “Cocaine to the Vein” and “Somebody Else” and some melodic punked up songs like “Skinny Little Man” and “Hello My Friend”. It aims to be a solid, modern, original album showcasing YDC’s personality.

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