Alexx Calise – “Breathe” Bearkat Collective

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Alexx Calise – “Breathe” Bearkat Collective – A TranqTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: “I don’t feel sorry for being who I am”, proclaims sharp-tongued singer, guitarist and songwriter, Alexx Calise. Delivering a sound that is both fresh and uniquely her own, Calise combines crunchy rock riffs with probing lyrics and hooky pop melodies.

Told throughout most of her career to not play guitar as much or at all, and to pursue a more “proven” musical direction, Calise instead chose to focus even more so on her instrument, practicing some 5-6 hours a day, and follow the only direction she knew how to—her own.

Countless film and TV placements and millions of Youtube hits later, Calise has proven that her torchy vocals, impressive guitar chops and heart-and-soul lyrics are enough to make an incredible international impact, even as a completely independent artist.

In addition to music, Calise is also pursuing an acting career, and has appeared in a series of national Guitar Center commercials, a Disney “Science of Imagineering” DVD series, and in a Discovery Channel documentary entitled “The Science of Sex Appeal”.

Ever-growing and ever-changing, the effervescent Calise is continuing to make waves one small step at a time, currently penning songs for her other project with Dennis Morehouse, SOC, as well as for a variety of other major artists. She also recently started a label with Morehouse, called Bearkat Collective.

Calise’s music has appeared on a multitude of different shows such as “Dance Moms” (Lifetime), “Dance Moms: Miami” (Lifetime), “Last Call With Carson Daly” (NBC), “The Voice” (NBC), Audrina” (Vh1), “Tough Love” (Vh1), “NY Ink” (TLC), “Next” (MTV), “10 on Top” (MTV), “One Tree Hill” (CW), “Texas Women” (CMT) and in the feature film, “LA, I Hate You” starring Malcolm McDowell and William Forsythe.

Director Name: Ken Barrows
Producer Name: Ken Barrows

About The Video: I wanted to create something that had a positive message, because the world has been absolutely starving for it. There has been so much negativity and hate swirling, especially over the recent election, and I think people just feel disenfranchised in general these days. Frankly, I’m tired of seeing negative social media posts and news headlines, and I’m tired of feeling isolated. I wrote “Breathe” to reassure myself that it’ll all be okay. We’re living in a fairly dark and tumultuous time in history right now, but nothing lasts forever.

The video also features Dance Moms star, Nia Sioux on background vocals, and she is also dancing in the video.

Artist Website:

Label Name: Bearkat Collective

Song Lyrics: Breathe
Music and lyrics: Alexx Calise and Dennis Morehouse

Looking up, there’s a thousand stars
Makes me think how small we are
Get to think of all I’ve done wrong
And I can’t help but fall apart
I fight for the light
I’m still stumbling in the dark
But I know with time
That it’ll be all right

Just breathe

Sometimes I feel like the walls are closing in around me
So complicated when it doesn’t have to be
So much division in the world we’re living in
It tears us apart when we’re really not that far off
I fight for the light
I’m still stumbling in the dark
But I know with time
That it’ll be all right


When it’s all too much for me
Gotta remember to breathe
It’s not all bad
And life is just far too short…

Far too short…


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