Ashlee.k – “New Heights” Dr. Music Promotion – Official Music Video

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Ashlee.k – “New Heights” Dr Music Promotion – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Ubstadt, Germany

Artist Biography: Ashlee.k has been musically active since his youth in Iran. Against the contentment of his parents he autodidactically learned to play guitar and had started his first band at the age of 18, which has awoken his interest in flamenco and classic guitar. Afterwards he founded his first professional band Octav, which was successful in his home country. He was playing a great number of concerts at that time and released an album along with various singles. In addition to that he was directing and producing one of the first Iranian Hip-Hop music videos ever. Because of the political and religious situation this kind of music is very controversial in Iran, but nonetheless there can be found an active and functioning local underground scene. ASHLEE.K studied music theory with the focus on Rock, Jazz and Blues at the ‘Conservatory of Music‘ academy in Teheran. He was producing and composing music for underground as well as major artists in Teheran and elsewhere. Because of his work he came in contact with a various range of musical input, which finally led to his detection of electronic music. The “New Heights“ project came to life two years ago with one final goal: to produce a great EDM album featuring as many international artists from various countries as possible, like England, Romania, Israel and the US or even Iran on it. ASHLEE.K is proving once more that music is able to push boundaries and to connect peoples. Due to this exceptional fusion the tracks includes influences from many genres like Eastern Folk, Classic or Dubstep. Together with catchy songs like the opener “Shut Up and Kiss Me“, “Loving You Easy“ or the title track “New Heights” ASHLEE.K is producing a perfect dance floor mood. His sound will catch you and is going to let you dance! Driving beats combined with emotional vocals will convince every listener. Next to titles like “Morning Stars“, “Make Me Crazy“ or “Every Body Wants Me“ the album includes instrumental versions of “New Heights“ and “Shut Up and Kiss Me“. Substantially the eleven songs relate to motives like beautiful women, love and the accompanying difficulties to that.

Director Name: Hamid Sahari
Producer Name: Ashlee.k

Artist Website:

Label Name: Dr. Music Promotion
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “New Heights”

I’m high when
You’re with me
Want your love
On repeat

You got me feeling so high
You kiss my lips and I’m flying
we take this love to new heights
you got me feeling so high

and I like the view from here
no baby, I’m not scared
you’re saving me from the fear
I like the atmosphere

hold on to me baby
I have never been here before
This feeling that you giving me is crazy
Somehow you just got me wanting more

catch me cause I’m falling for you
it’s too late to turn back now

and I’m addicted to
the way I’m a match for you
if you let me break through
I’ll show you a love that’s true

A love that’s higher than the clouds
A love that screams, a love that’s loud
A love that you just can’t divide
Show you a love that gets you high

Lyrics by Antonia Marquee

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