Bibeau – “Leeway” Fade To Silence Records – Official Music Video

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Bibeau – “Leeway” Fade to Silence Records – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Whitehouse, Texas, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Rounded out with a strong lineup of like minded, gifted musicians, Bibeau set out to create a unique progressive sound highlighting melody mixed with complex time signatures, rhythms and arrangements.
Led by a dual guitar approach with soulful, soaring vocals and a rhythm section willing to push the boundaries, Bibeau began to craft, record and perform their own material to a growing legion of fans. Bibeau can be best described as a musical bridge between the classic power metal from the ’70’s and ’80’s combined with the edge and attitude of today’s modern progressive metal.

Director Name: Justin Mosley, Dark Letter Entertainment
Producer Name: Paul Bibeau

About the Video: Shot on location in East Texas, U.S.A.

Artist Website:

Label Name: Fade to Silence Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Leeway”

(Lyrics by: Drew Theiring/Music by: Peyton Bibeau, Robin Bibeau, Alan Benek Hern√°ndez, Chris Ray, Drew Theiring)

Whispering light show me leeway
Show me where you met the dark and made the day
Tell me more
Eyes see no more

What if you could treat yourself
Would you do it
Can you prove it
I think you’d need a bone
Cause momma, you can’t do it alone

What if you un-stuck yourself
Would you try
And then lie and say that it was easy
Just so that you can please me
With your…

Lies. They’re all lies
Sold to you from just the eyes
Inside your heart dies.
And people
They’re all just people
Given life by means of the loving steeple
It’s pure white and you’re not

Not gonna make it
Give me leeway

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