Blue Sky Theory – “End Of The Road” Official Music Video

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Blue Sky Theory – “End of the Road” Official Music Video


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Artist City, State, Country: Bremen, Germany

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Director Name: Daniel E. Pajak
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Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: “End of the Road”

In the cold of the night I try to find some solace The lights are passing by The distance’s calling How can I go on It’s too late to promise But even if I try It’s the same old story All the breath you’ve taken from me Now I’m suffocatin’ Who’s the one to blame? Maybe tears will show you At the end of the road All these doubts come true I’m so close to find the answers Oh but now I lost my way Lost the light that guides me home I hear your voice far away Calling me to go on The wind carries my Hope I’m in despair I feel the pain My skin is burning in the sun The hope is dying A rising void Look at me what I’ve become Now I feel alone and cold Drowning in my mistakes The lessons learned But now’s too late Your voice is fading And I’m afraid Now I’m falling down

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