Bogans – “Dumbskulls” Official Music Video

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Bogans – “Dumbskulls” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Wrexham, Wales

Artist Biography: Skate punk staggering in from Wrexham, North Wales. Imagine drinking a bottle of Buckfast, still feeling thirsty and drinking a few tinnies, followed by a few chasers on a park bench. Then waking up and realising you are in a band and you are on stage and you may have soiled yourself. That’s kind of a bit like what we sound like but faster and with more guitars, drums and melodic harmonies.

Director Name: Mike Higgo
Producer Name: Bogans/Mike Higgo

About The Video: “Dumbskulls drags you immediately in at 100mph with driving drums and spotlight moment for a rumbling bass. Simply great modern punk yet complex enough at the same time” – Grimm Gent (Finland)

“Dumbskulls is a nasty number that is heavily condensed and served up on a slow sizzle grill perhaps designed for you to singe your fingers on” – Fungal Punk (UK)

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Song Lyrics: “Dumbskulls”

Guilty pleasures are two words that get used all the time
But my guilty pleasure is something most don’t mind
It goes against my values
With its puritanic snide
In this day and age
Well, it should be left behind
It makes me feel cheap when hormones get the blame
It’s nurture not nature
It’s not the fucking same

When it comes to free the nipple
It should be no big deal
Everybody’s got them
But I just love tits too much
But that is no excuse
Don’t turn it round on me
I’m doing the best that I can do
If there’s a problem
We try and work things through
If you don’t like saying well maybe this songs about you
And me
Cause I think it’s time for a change
Don’t you?
‘cause we are all kinda the same
It’s true
Stop looking for someone to blame
And I will too
Or fuck you
I’ll still like tits too much

If you don’t like what I’m saying well maybe it ain’t about tits as such
That’s just the excuse
Don’t turn it round on me I’m doing the best that I can do
If there’s a problem
We try to work things through
If you don’t like what I’m saying
Well maybe this song’s about you

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