Leach – “New Low” Official Music Video


“LEACH are visceral and pumped full of energy just waiting to take out a wall close to you!” The Circle Pit
Bringing back the old school hardcore energy Swedish heavyweights LEACH have released their album ‘Hymns for the Hollow’. (Produced by Mike Cameron Force (Enbound ao) Mastered by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat ao). “With the ‘Hymns for the Hollow’ album we just got it right and it’s a really good sum up of what we’re all about – Pure fuckin’ aggression.”
With songs like super fast “New Low”, the infectious riffs of “Chapter Two” and party anthems like “We Have It All” and “Free From All” – this effort makes a nice fit for fans of Thrash, Crossover and Hardcore. We call it Thrash’n’Roll!

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