Bull Brigade – “Mai Confonderla” Official Music Video

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Bull Brigade – “Mai Confonderla” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Torino, Italy

Artist Biography: Bull Brigade formed in Turin, Italy in 2006. Both Eugenio and Daniele were just back from the experiences with their previous bands Banda del Rione and Bad Dog Boogie, respectively. At that time they both hosted shows on Radio Black Out and it was right among one broadcast and another that they came up with the idea of forming the band. The first lineup consisted of vocalist Eugenio, bassist Daniele, guitarist Davide (ex-Banda del Rione and Youngang) and drummer Steve (Bad Dog Boogie). Rehearsals were engaging right from the start, and in a couple of years (through which second guitarist Paolo Ch/Hc joined in for a short period of time) the band recorded their first album entitled “Strade Smarrite” (2008).
As the years went by, Dany, Davide and Steve left the band due to the looming of time and familiar commitments. The first to fill in the lineup was the historic bass player of S-Contro, Federico a.k.a. Bakus, with whom there have been friendly and loyal relationships for many years. Then came Paolino, ex-Los Fastidios pillar who moved to Turin for love (who in turn got replaced by Gigio of Gavroche)… the band got over Steve Cemento’s departure with the entrance of Yehudi behind the drums.
In 2016 comes out “Vita Libertà”, the second album 10 years after the formation of the band. It has been presented on tour across many European towns, including our hometown Torino, then Rome, Paris, Madrid, Vigo, Berlin, Prague, Hamburg, Zagreb, Bratislava, Kiel, among the others. During this period some line-up changes happened: Bull Brigade welcomes on board two old school members that give some kind of new energy to the band: a second guitar represented by Remo, formerly in Fuori Controllo and Bloodstain, and a new drummer, Mark Dread, coming from the melodic hardcore band Killjoy. Shows are not gonna stop, some split albums are out: the 7’ in memory of Colin Runnin’ Riot, made together with with our mates Knockout, Gonna Get Yours and Hawkins Thugs. It’s out on CROM Records. And the 10’ with Action Seditione from Montreal, Quebec, that is out on our friends’ Fire and Flames Music. Unluckly after this glorious time Remo has to leave the band, so the line-up come back to one single guitare.
At the end of 2017 after so many shows, and an european tour done in september, Federico Bakus left the band, before leaving Federico left his mark recording 2 songs for a 7’’ split with the great band from Madrid Non Servium that’s coming out in 2018. In place of him, Stefano “the Manager” joined the band, he is the bass player of the punk rock band Mad Beat and he used to play with Kill Joy with Dread some years ago.
In this next future there will surely be news to going on the 7’’ split with Non Servium STRICTLY AND ALWAYS ANTIFASCIST.

Director Name: Davide Bianchi
Producer Name: Motorcity Produzioni

Artist Website: http://www.bullbrigade.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bullbrigade/
BandCamp: https://bullbrigade.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bullbrigade/?hl=it

Song Lyrics: “Mai Confonderla”

Chi chiederà risposta ai tuoi perché,
Forse la notte di periferia
Qui che ogni lacrima caduta ormai,

È come un sogno da gettare via
Il tempo sembra ridere di te
Per quel che dici per quel che fai
Ma questo vento ti travolge ancora,
Forse non Sei cambiato mai …

Oh eh … ora puoi riconoscerla, quella rabbia che scoppiava
Ad ogni sguardo della gente su di te…
Non potrai mai nasconderla, mai confonderla…

Troppo lontana forse la realtà che
Ti raccontavano i vecchi eroi,
Quando sognavi ancora libertà
Sotto a quei palchi e ai concerti Oi
Com’ e diversa ora la tua città,
Non riconosce la verità cos’é…
Ma nel tuo cuore lo stesso sangue cos’è successo
Mai rebel, oh eh …

Ora puoi riconoscerla, quella rabbia che scoppiava ad ogni sguardo
Della gente su di te,
Non potrai mai nasconderla, mai confonderla…

Ora puoi riconoscerla, quella rabbia che scoppiava ad ogni sguardo
Della gente su di te,
Non potrai mai confonderla…
Basta chiedersi perché…
ciò che conta è solo chiuso dentro te!!!

Dentro te, dentro te, dentro te…
È chiuso dentro te!!

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