Bull Brigade – “Mai Confonderla” Official Music Video

Bull Brigade

Bull Brigade formed in Turin, Italy in 2006. Both Eugenio and Daniele were just back from the experiences with their previous bands Banda del Rione and Bad Dog Boogie, respectively. At that time they both hosted shows on Radio Black Out and it was right among one broadcast and another that they came up with the idea of forming the band. The first lineup consisted of vocalist Eugenio, bassist Daniele, guitarist Davide (ex-Banda del Rione and Youngang) and drummer Steve (Bad Dog Boogie). Rehearsals were engaging right from the start, and in a couple of years (through which second guitarist Paolo Ch/Hc joined in for a short period of time) the band recorded their first album entitled “Strade Smarrite” (2008).
As the years went by, Dany, Davide and Steve left the band due to the looming of time and familiar commitments. The first to fill in the lineup was the historic bass player of S-Contro, Federico a.k.a. Bakus, with whom there have been friendly and loyal relationships for many years. Then came Paolino, ex-Los Fastidios pillar who moved to Turin for love (who in turn got replaced by Gigio of Gavroche)… the band got over Steve Cemento’s departure with the entrance of Yehudi behind the drums.

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