Canavar – “Sacrilege” Official Music Video

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Canavar – “Sacrilege” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Southampton, England, UK

Artist Biography: When different worlds collide, it usually ends up with a disagreement or a fight, that is not the case with South Coast punk-o-metallers Canavar. Firmly crossing the divide between Metal and Punk, this is a band that brings unity to the chaos, a synergy of sounds, bringing something fresh to the musical landscape.
Hailing from Southampton, usually known for its post-hardcore offerings, Canavar have broken the 7th string with their genre-melding style, combining fierce riffs with frenetic energy whilst still managing to provide a memorable melody. With zero plans to write or record a fluffy-love radio-friendly ballad, Canavar took the mould, smashed it and then cast their own out of the carnage that remained.

Director Name: Forgotten Media Group
Producer Name: Ben Walters, Fran Elsey

About the Video: The video was recorded at Planet Sounds Studios in Southampton, which is a series of Victorian (maybe?) tunnels under a bridge.


Song Lyrics: “Sacrilege”

We walk far and beyond our sight
To where we dreamt we saw the light
Embrace the darkened And past the forest we saw the wood for the trees
wind whispering so loud we couldn’t breathe
I see a world with no restriction, no contradiction,
your walls are built upon fiction
In the warmth of knowing truth The coldest nights can be the proof
Of a dawn that’s follows dusk In that we
trust Ourselves to stay true And see the lies epitome of you
Yet you conspire to sell our flame
A silver tongued liar with the devils name
Sacrilege won’t burn my fucking (flaming) soul
Fraud for sorrow, we won’t pay, extortion

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