Canine – “From Ashes” Official Music Video

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Canine – “From Ashes” Official Music Video – A KrankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Tel Aviv, Israel

Artist Biography: Canine is a four piece metalcore, groove orientated band originally from Modiin, Israel now Tel Aviv. The band was formed in July 2009 by Eliav Torjman and started to perform in May 2010.
In November 2011 they released their debut E.P and in 2014 the current lineup of the band was formed. Since then, the band is gaining attention across Israel, headlining local shows and playing with Israel’s leading act Orphaned Land. Now, they are currently working on their debut album ‘The Uprising’, and in September 2016 CANINE released its first music video from the album called ‘From Ashes’.

Director Name: Lee Lavy
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Producer Name: Ben Saada
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About The Video: The video “From Ashes” is the first music video from our upcoming debut album ‘The Uprising’. Against all odds it was filmed in an independent production that took long two shooting sessions. One of them was around sixteen hours with much of our carrying skills, and for the second one that was shorter we learn how dig a grave…the hard way (thug life). Also how could not – someone told the local police that we are digging a grave in nature reserve, so the police stopped our shooting for a while untill they understood we are not psycho killers 🙂

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Song Lyrics: The sickness that’s sealed inside me
Is breaking loose
My burning skin is melting
Revealing my wounds
Flames of motivation reflecting through my eyes
I am more then determined to prove myself I’m alive

Rise! From the ashes will rise
Walk with me, don’t look back at the past

After all I’ve been through
Nothing won’t stand in my way
Pain is not an issue
In this path I will stay

The taste of metal in my mouth
Holding it tight
One second of disconnection
Revealing the fear

Desperation, depression
Let go of it all

I’m the truth – Behold – Your mind is lost
Disintegrate the lies – I am your God

Break the chains of denial
The flames won’t slow me down

Rise! From the ashes will rise
Walk with me, don’t look back at the past

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