The Predecessors – “Graveyard Of Giants” Official Music Video

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The Predecessors – “Graveyard of Giants” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Nottingham, London, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Director Name: Ash Stanley
Producer Name: Ben Gaines

Artist Website:
Instagram: @ThePredecessors

Song Lyrics: “Graveyard of Giants”

Leave me to rot in the ground.
Free from all I abhor.

Fuck this life, I welcome death.
A perfect silence surrounding me.
Consuming me.
I pray for no gods, no afterlife. Only for my light to be extinguished into an eternity of nothing.

Nothing has been the same since I first witnessed death, to see that final breath leave a body.
A moment of bliss, a man’s tortured soul no longer trapped within their placid husk.
This fresh cadaver, a biological tombstone.
The only remnant of their former selves.

Free me from the living, dismember my being and be unforgiving.
Encapture my world and crush it around me.
End all that I know and all that there will be.

Why must I wait so long to be freed from this living nightmare?
Only I never want to wake up, nor to fall asleep again..
I’m sick of this world – had enough of its endless torment

Death is now my only comfort.

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