Cassandra Complex – “Take Me Down” Official Music Video

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Cassandra Complex – “Take Me Down” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Asheville, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Cassandra Complex is a three piece rock/punk/indie band from Asheville NC. Kristi Seahorse: songwriter, guitar, vocals. Kristi is a transsexual musician who has been playing music since the age of six. She is classical and jazz trained and uses those techniques to bring a unique style to her punk and rock music. Billee Maltba: bass, percussion and baking vocals. Billee has played with bands such as Ivan the terrible, and The Asheville Bob Band. he lets his fingers move all over his bass to compliment Kristi’s melodies. For studio recordings Billee plays percussion, for live performances Zach Albertoh plays drums.

Director Name: Kristi Seahorse
Producer Name: Kristi Seahorse

About the Video: The song is about giving into the inevitable; death, pain, love etc. I wanted the video to have a decaying feel to it to match the refrain “take me down”.

Twitter: @kristiseahorse
Instagram: kristiseahorse

Label Name: Kristi Seahorse

Song Lyrics: “Take Me Down”

Come to me like a tidal wave, Take me down wash me away
Underneath where I can not breath, Hold me down so serine
-Take me down
Let me drown so i can rest, The fight has left me now I’m your guest
-Let me drown, let me drown
Open eyes an unfamiliar place, These unfamiliar eyes on this unfamiliar face
Feeling lost and empty again, A Stranger now in this unfamiliar land
-Take me down
Somehow peaceful somehow lost and scared, No landmarks here to take me there
-Let me drown, let me drown
Burning up tied to a steak, Is this a mistake or is this my fate
Reading books they told me to, When it all went bad I left for good
-Take me down
Lying in bed surrounded by my life, Every moment leads to this

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