Clay – “Peel” Official Music Video – A KrankTV/DankTV Feature!

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Clay – “Peel” Official Music Video – A DankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Clay is an asshole who keeps to himself.


Song Lyrics: The devil is following me in my dreams
Can’t break away fall apart at the seams
Lost what i loved and I lost all my schemes
Haze in my lungs until I can not breathe
Fucks with my head spend all day in my bed
Itching and bitching wishing i was dead
Breaking my neck but I can’t get ahead
Wondering why I don’t kill you instead
Telling me lies like I don’t understand
Hope that you die cause i don’t give a damn
I know you despise me I know what i am
I’d rather die than to live for the man
FUCK what you think of me
FUCK what you want
Don’t want you loving me for what I’m not
Lemming tendencies subliminal thoughts
Done with the bottle and back to the rock

(RIP Brad Nowell)

I couldn’t find a reason, can’t find a thing to believe in
Say the wrong thing and I change like the seasons
Can’t figure out why my friends keep leaving
My heart won’t start when it’s dark and it’s freezing
Inescapable that I’m capable of hanging myself with a TV cable
Sensational confrontational basehead
Distastefully rolling up a J to face it
She’s running like a train… Two pills gunning for my brain
Numb a little pain but I can’t get away from the games that I play
I’ma codeine fiend and I need a little space
Maybe it’s because my situation changed
Or the realization that we’re not the same
She be salivating and it’s on my brain
Ain’t no salvation for you
Life Is Pain.

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