Colonel Sun – “Lullaby” Official Music Video

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Colonel Sun – “Lullaby” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Montreal, Canada

Artist Biography: Colonel Sun. A time machine? Unlikely. A midlife crisis? Perhaps.
Either way, Colonel Sun is the brainchild of Montreal-native Scott Cook (formerly Dead Days, Ablyss, Bodyjarr). On the edge of abandonment, Scott realized that he had a few more stories to tell. So, armed with his guitar, his voice, and his laptop, he took a journey through a mind full of memories, anecdotes, and sarcasm. To Scott’s surprise, this journey culminated in an invasion of sorts—a suburban invasion, in fact—and, in the blink of an eye, a musical battle plan had been laid. Proudly, Scott promoted himself to Colonel. However, he quickly realized that an invasion of this scale could not be fought alone. Enter longtime comrades Mishka Stein and Robbie Kuster (of Patrick Watson) as well as Simon Angell (of Thus Owls). Without hesitation, this fearless trio assumed their stations and the four brave soldiers entered the battlefield…
Now, Montreal-based Colonel Sun is a rock n’ roll band, inspired by music that is charged by feel and emotion. Compared to bands such as Mudhoney, Failure, and Helmet, Colonel Sun clearly runs on fuel from the ’90s. However, the members’ collective musical background is so eclectic that the band’s dirty-rock edge is, at times, polished by musically-progressive overtones.

Since the release of Colonel Sun’s debut EP, ‘Suburban Invasion’ (released April 2017), the band has been receiving positive attention that has included airplay (CHOM 97.7, CJLO, CKUT) and interviews (Bucketlist Music Reviews), and has performed at local venues including Turbo Haus, Barfly, La Vitrola, and Bar Le Ritz. The band just opened up for New York hardcore legend Harley Flanagan (CroMags) at Coop Katacombs, and will perform at Pouzza Fest 2018. So keep an ear out, ’cause this battle has only just begun!!

Director Name: Scott Cook
Producer Name: Scott Cook

About the Video: ”Lullaby” is a simple story about a challenge that any driver faces in the hustle and bustle of the modern world: staying awake. There’s no hidden message here… Just keep your eyes open, or get off the road!

Instagram: @colonelsunband

Song Lyrics: “Lullaby”

I feel my lids start to close.
Nodding off to the gentle hum
Of the engine that carries me home.
Long day, white noise, bright lights,
red bags holding black dots
I gotta get off the road.
Just gotta get off the road.
I feel tired so they’re tryin’ to shut;
Station’s playing my favourite bedtime track.
Perfect tune to cuddle up,
But wrong place, bad time to nap.
I gotta get off the road.
Just gotta get off the road.
Loosen my grip on the wheel,
Drift away into another world.
Peaceful dreams of blue skies along the coast
Wrong way, think fast, too late,
black bag holding my dust.
Should’ve got off the road.
Just should’ve got off the road.

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