Dario Distasi – “Coming Around” Official Music Video

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Dario Distasi – “Coming Around” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Manchester, England, UK

Artist Biography: Dario Distasi (born April 12, 1985) is an Italian rock musician and singer-songwriter based in Manchester, UK.
Dario’s songwriting is evocative and sincere, inspired by his personal experiences, his emotions and his view on society.
Musically, his songs show the influence of many diverse genres and styles, ranging from grunge to blues, from jazz/fusion to hard rock and so on.
Dario is currently recording a new EP, working with Nashville-based producer Drew Middleton. The record is being recorded in several studios, both in Nashville and Manchester, and the final product should be ready within 2 months – it’s definitely the best music ever written and recorded by Dario!

Director Name: Thomas Tozzi
Producer Name: Dario Distasi; Alen Pop

About the Video: The video for “Coming Around” (Dario’s first video) is very much about introspection, and clearly reflects overlooked social issues. Can we escape from what we have been planned to become?

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dariodistasi
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/dariodistasi

Song Lyrics: “Coming Around”

I’d been ignoring myself for too long when the art of playing my part proved me wrong I may be heading For nowhere, and that Sounds like a safe place to hide No signs on the highway ahead No good signs Where the hell have you been, my dear illusion Don’t write triumphant endings Take action! I may be heading For nowhere, and that Sounds like a safe place to hide My world turned upside Down, it scared me, that’s How I finally came around I’m about to crash into the wall Briefly sparkling through the dark

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