Dead Frog – “Trying To Break Me” Sliptrick Records – Official Lyric Video

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Dead Frog – “Trying to Break Me” Sliptrick Records – Official Lyric Video

Artist city, country: Bela Palanka, Serbia

Artist Biography: Dead Frog is a metal band from Serbia and have been playing and creating metal music for over a decade now. Influenced by bands from different metal and rock sub-genres, and with the idea that metal is supposed to represent raw and powerful emotions, the group combine these styles and motifs with pure metal riffs.

Producer Name: Sliptrick Records

About the Video: A lyric video for the opening track from our upcoming debut album ‘Burning Bridges’ that will come out on July 30th via Sliptrick Records.


Label Name: Sliptrick Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Trying to Break Me”

Are you trying to break me?
Are you trying to hurt me?
Are you getting to know me?
Can’t you see that I’m broken?

Are you ready to lose me?
Are you trying to hold me?
Are you learning to teach me?
Are you aware that you’re lonely?

I’m saying all the words
You never heard before
I’m seeing all these things
You thought you’d hidden long ago

Trying to break me
or trying to love me

Trying to break me
God, how you wish I was wrong
Trying to love me
Forget your failures, let it go
I’ve heard this story so many times before stopped caring long time ago

Your look projects your feelings
You die every time I’m not around
You keep blaming me for your shame
And don’t you worry, I’ll take the blame

Is that how much it takes?
A second to throw it all away
You’ve proved your point, you’re not worth it
Not gonna break me so just stop it

Not gonna break me, stop it

Trying to break me
If it makes you feel better
Trying to love me
Nice try but I don’t want it
You better drop it ’cause you’re breaking you
Better drop it ’cause I can’t help you

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