Derelict Daydream – “A Mile In Your Shoes (Entity Remix)” Tempest Eye Records

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Derelict Daydream – “A Mile in Your Shoes (Entity Remix)” Tempest Eye Records – A KrankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Leeds, England, UK

Artist Biography: Free audio download here:

With two previous singles going Top 10 in US
based 365 Radio’s Network Chart (“Animal Kingdom” No.10, “Yesterday’s People” No.8), following rotation play
of the album ‘Personality Assassin’, comes ‘The Theory
Game’ EP. Featuring Derelict Daydream’s first ever remix, “A
Mile in Your Shoes” in its original version was the closing track
from ‘Personality Assassin’. Graham Spence, the man behind
Derelict Daydream single handedly writes, performs and
produces his own works, even shooting his own promo videos.
His back catalogue to date consists of three albums, nine singles and six music videos.

The Entity Remix of “A Mile in Your Shoes” is more electronic
than Derelict Daydream’s usual fare and brings something
a bit different to the table (contrary to popular belief, no synth
sounds were used on ‘Personality Assassin’). Derelict
Daydream’s trademark blend of hard and melodic with the
a twist of the unusual is still evident though. The EP also
features two previously unreleased tracks from those sessions,
L.C.D. and Shipwrecked as well as alternative mixes of Hail to
the Clown and Animal Kingdom and an instrumental version
of the lead track.

The EP will be released digitally via Sony Music / The Orchard
and will be available as an iTunes pre-order 6 weeks before
the release hits other stores (January 24).

Graham has also been hired to perform guitar work on
BBC series ‘In The Flesh’ and has had other TV roles
including a part in a reconstruction for BBC Crimewatch.
In spite of this,he has still managed to evade arrest for
wrongfully impersonating a musician or actor. Personality
Assassin is available in stores now.

Director Name: Graham Spence
Director Link:
Producer Name: Graham Spence
Producer Link:

About The Video: One man, one camera, no film crew. Taking the art of the selfie to the next level.

The video for “A Mile in Your Shoes – Entity Remix” was put together over a period of approximately three months by one person using Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop. The video contains green screen work, motion tracking, particle and warping effects alongside 2D animation as well as live action performance.

Artist Website:

Label Name: Tempest Eye Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: From first breath colours so bright
Birth of the senses so alive
New beginnings the days are long
Proud young virgin growing strong

Reached into the minds of man
Desire to strive for all we can
Feathered nests bloom at a cost
Time’s passage draining to a loss

Burden of knowledge a wisdom earned
I’ve seen the scars of war a lesson learned
Questions since the dawn of our creation
As we come to accept our limitations

Now in the face of this decline
These words for you to define
Stay true to what’s inside
And fight hard to keep this flame alive

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