Calligram – “Bed Of Nails” Official Music Video

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Calligram – “Bed of Nails” Official Music Video – A KrankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: London, England, UK

Artist Biography: From England, Brazil, Italy & France. Based in London. We like football, blasts & beers.

Bruno Polotto – Guitar
Tim Desbos – Guitar
Smittens – Bass Guitar
Ardo Cotones – Drums
Matteo Rizzardo – Vocals

Director Name: Ardo Cotones

About The Video: We did it in our rehearsal room, it was stupidly hot & we were stupidly hungover so we got really fucked up again to get through the pain. (Ed. yeah, that’s what rockers do!)


Song Lyrics: You parked your car and waited inside

You gave me sweets and spoke with a smile

You kindly offered to give me a lift back

You drove back to your house

Locked me inside a room

You left me with a child whose face told stories from hell

What you had in mind was so far from what I ever imagined

how can one do such things?

My wrath will come upon you, my time will come soon

You’d come once everyday

You said nobody cared

I kept a record of your sickening visits, scum

Circles for every time

Stars to rate the pain

Each time I heard your footsteps my heart would sink down

Smile while you can

Laugh all you can

I’ll make you pay for this

I’ll paint tears on your face


Rot in hell, fucking filth

I’ve got plans, to finish this

Now I know how to end this

I’ll spit it out

And let you bleed to death

Your luck has turned

Rot in hell

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