Dot – “Dark Bear” Toulouse Bajarre Club

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Dot – “Dark Bear” Toulouse Bajarre Club – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Toulouse, France

Artist Biography: DOT offers a style of rock untouched and original. A minimalist group (bass/drums) that leaves little room for frills, emotion heavy and energetic, the duo have mastered a full immersive sound. The musicians have learnt to think beyond the rhythmic capabilities of their instruments, developing a battered bass heavy resonance by testing the bass and drums to their limits.
DOT delivers energetic and powerful rock riffs whilst tapping into metal and pop melodies. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Gojira to Radiohead, their distinctive sound may remind you of bands like Queens of the Stone Age or Foo Fighters.

European tour coming, April 2017

Director Name: Captain Prod
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About The Video: This a duel between the two members of DOT. We made the video with Lionel of Captain Prod. We just arrived in the studio and we said to each other, “What are we doing now?” and we all agree on : “let’s play in front of the camera and see what happen” … We are quite happy with what happened!”

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Label Name: Toulouse Bajarre Club
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Song Lyrics: Wild Forest, Dark Weather
and only me.
on this road dark and cold
I face my fear.
I see this bear on my journey looking at me.
impossible to know if I am his prey.
I have two choices.

i can give up and run away
and run to my death.
Or run at him with all my strength and awake something.

It’s my left foot which starts to move, and moves my legs.
all my body is on fire, nothing can stop me.

i can give up and run away and run to my death.
Or run at him with all my strength and awake something.

What a surprise to see that my body
become stronger and stronger.
my teeth are huge and I’m starving.
now I’m the bear.

I can give up and run away, and run to my death. Or run at him with all my strength, and awake something.

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