Empire Me – “Ghosttown” Official Music Video

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Empire Me – “Ghosttown” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Osnabrueck, Germany

Artist Biography: Founded in early 2013, Empire Me plays fast melodic punk rock, with catchy vocals and critical lyrics.

Director Name: Volker Joosten
Producer Name: Philipp Meyer
Video Creator: Paul Echelmeyer

About the Video: A short story told in LEGO Style…

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/empiremeband
BandCamp: http://empireme.bandcamp.com

Song Lyrics: “Ghosttown”

Houses thoughts tightened on, lonely lights in dead streets serenity´s long gone, growing anger for fun, new arrivals and brisk winds won´t be welcome! a feeling I can´t turn down, all the hate raisin out of this ghost town, so here we are so far, and not welcome, so it´s not for you! the more we play this with fun, and take the chance and all we give is a fuck for you and your intolerance! sense is a word unknown, waving through minds to hollow to be your own, clenched fists, I always wanted to…, but that ain’t my fucking style, like you’d do

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