Gallow Wood – “Blood Lust” Official Music Video

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Gallow Wood – “Blood Lust” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Chelmsford, England, UK

Artist Biography: Gallow Wood, a young rock group from the UK, are dedicated to creating original content stemming from a love of punk and metal. Their name is derived from their roots at Galleywood youth centre, and the three core members (Talon guitar/vox, Chris drums, Jake bass) have spent the majority of their teenage life hanging out together and playing music, as well supporting the local ice hockey team and shooting it up at airsoft skirmishes. Now, with the addition of a second guitarist (Sam), front man Talon is pushing to take his music and original content to the next level!

Director Name: Talon Payne
Producer Name: Talon Payne

About the Video: This horror themed music video was completely self created by a group of young individuals from Essex, Uk. It includes various gruesome and exciting effects that make it stand out from the crowd. These were not a fiction created by editing in post, all the gore fx were created on set and the guitar was actually ON FIRE! There was no external input into the project, just the drive that only rock and roll can bring.


Label Name: Gallow Wood Records

Song Lyrics: “Blood Lust”

Dreams are what you make them out to be
deceived by the things that we don’t see
and I don’t think the day will ever come
that I wouldn’t let her cut me up…

I am strong, I am blind
(just an advocate of truth)
She is whole, she’s divine
(I’m sure the devil rules her mind)
Is this peace, is this hell?
(When an angel brings the light)
I’m entranced in her spell
(Haunt me darling every night)

Love is not a complicated thing
deceived by the things that they will bring
she’s dancing with the devil, she wants to know you better
put knowledge in her heart, in return she leaves her mark…

Peaceful as the winter, she lays me down to rest
swap one soul for another, my romance and my lover
I am cruel, I am blessed, I am the ghost inside your head
I am cold, I am night, I tell you something isn’t right!
I’m your God, I’m your bitch, i am your damn accursed witch
I won’t break, I won’t bow, I see you with the devil now!

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