Hybrid – “Paddle” Official Music Video

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Hybrid – “Paddle” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Central African Republic

Artist Biography: HYBRID, from his real name MASSANGA MARCELIN JOWANE is a Central African artist (singer, rapper, songwriter) born on the 22nd December 1994 in Bangui.
Young, he developed his attachment for music of all genders along with his elder sister WINNIE MASSANGA who is an artist herself (RUMBA music) based in France. Back home English was his favorite language which really influenced and is still influencing his music because majority of his songs are in English. He recorded his first song title You Don’t Have a Tie when he was 15 years old with the help of his sister, when he turned 18; he formed a band named TSboyz with some of his classmates with whom he did many great songs.
In 2013 he had to live his country headed to Ghana to pursue his education keeping in his heart his passion for music. From 2014 to 2017 he has been doing some great works among which we find invitations for shows at the Rockstone office, stage sharing with Faniko the Beninese afropop artist and hit songs like DEJAVU, IM HUNGRY, ALAZOU, DéCHIRé, Ne Me Touche Pas and PADDLE for which he shot a video that was released on May 8th.
The struggle is real but the passion is stronger, that is what keeps him on the train. He has a lot more to offer so just watch out.

Director Name: Emilex Agbenohevi
Producer Name: Emilex Agbenohevi

About the Video: The video was shot in a neighborhood in the capital city of Ghana and made in a way that reflects the lyrical content of the song which talks about how the artist believes in taking things slowing while patiently knowing that one day everything’s going to be alright.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Hybrid236/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/YbHybrid
Instagram: @Hybrid236
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC1BTyyo-ByFjY-RmAu4k3Mg

Song Lyrics: “Paddle”

Paddle X2 yeah
Ima do it my way negga

Ima be it
Ima reach it
But I take my time
Do it X2
Ima paddle
Let me paddle
Ima paddle
Let me paddle hun yeah

Cut the head of a history and there will be nobody to talk it
Take my time even though I’m paddling
I ain’t got no worry
Ima write my own story
Ima be it
Ima reach it
Ima doggie
Never wait for them rock it
On me I got my skinny jeanny
Call my sister winnie beauty
I never talk about sex
It’s so silly in it
Dream about it
Do it
Want it ?
Go and get it
Funny crazy like a guilly guilly
Masswagger forever
Shock you like a thunder
Hybrid ima in it
Qu’est ce que c’est X2
C’est LA folie hein
As for our heart only God can read it hun
So before you judge me
Or any other than me
Ask my God for info
And after let me know
I’ll be rocking my stereo
Or in my kimono
So many questions damn
Im not the Figaro
Blessings from even
Wanna change my life
I’m hot like an oven
I expect from God
Ima paddle
Let me paddle
Ima paddle
Let me paddle hun
You want a fini Lamborghini
Ain’t easy to reach it
Step by step Hybrid
Ima paddle
Let me paddle


[Verse 2]
Ima doggie
Ima neinei
Ima paddle
Me and all my homies
Surveillance de building
1 2 3
When you count it so easy
But when climbing
It easy
Vrai foutage de gueul
Many people wanna change the game
But they do it worst
Verse Luke a curse
Money, sex, power
That’s ain’t rap
It will bounce back
Chili chili bang bang
Negga gon fall
The flows goes and come
Don’t you worry
When they think it’s funny
Many think you’re so dunmy
God gives and breaks down
So never be afraid to break down a build coz one day it will fall like a ceiling
Break X4 the ceiling
If you don’t wanna listen to my music
Mbi yeke choquer X2
You keep on saying shit
Mbi yeke choquer moh
Ah mbeni ah za mbani si
Loyal neggas rare ici
Mon frere yeni a pka mbgati
Ima paddle
Let me paddle


Ahah hum
Ts boyz
Looki , rickman
We in man
Just step by step you know what I mean
We’ll do it
Reach it

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