Idek. – “Haze” Official Teaser Video

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Idek. – “Haze” Official Teaser Video

Artist city, country: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Artist Biography: IDEK. is an experimental metal band formed in Flevoland, The Netherlands. The band was founded by well-known names in the scene, Matthew Op’t Eijnde and Yaresh Soekhlal, with a desire to create the music they truly want to play. Bringing in Harprit Bola (Amongst the Unbroken), veteran John Russchen (Gottlieb) and newcomer Kaya Bax, IDEK. created a balance of new, old and different influences.

This resulted in crazy, heavy, fist pumping riffs, combined with jazzy grooves, blues a touch of humor and just about any style you can imagine. They don’t give a shit.

Having already played hands full of shows around the country, IDEK. is more than eager to give the world more than just a taste of IDEK., releasing their debut EP in May of 2017.

Director Name: Matthew Op’t Eijnde
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About The Video: An animation video of the IDEK. logo, glowing and moving in a haze (like the title of the track). Easter egg: the night butterfly will also be on the EP artwork in some way or form…

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Song Lyrics: Give me just a second to get ready,
I’ll get my condoms, keys and self-esteem.
We’ll head to her twentieth birthday party,
did you bring your amphetamines?

I don’t think you’d go
With me all sober no.
So I’ll get you high,
And you’ll say goodbye.
You’ll come with me.
I’ll come in you.
You’ll try to scream,

Because you know it’s too late.

I wish our feelings were mutual,
but I just know I’m way below.
There’s no way you could love me no,
Hah, a little force makes it easier.

I don’t think you’d go
With me all sober no.
So I’ll get you high,
And you’ll say goodbye.

Oh god, I’m so nervous, I can feel the fear from neck to my
toes, but I have to do this. It’s the perfect, no, the only chance I have of taking you.


As we arrive at the front door of your apartment,
I see your smiling face.
I’m feeling a regret for what’s about to happen,
As I’m taking you into the haze.


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