Illist – “Padlock” Official Music Video

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Illist – “Padlock” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Lynchburg, Virginia, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Illist is a metalcore band based in Lynchburg, Virginia. It began in 2017 as the brain child of Cecil Johnson (formerly of Bought by Blood) and has been through a few iterations before solidifying into the current line-up. Spending the last few months finding their sound, the boys: Micah Elias (Vocals) Jerod Folk (Guitar), Taylor Youstra (Bass) and Cecil (Drums) – are finally ready to begin sharing their hard work with the world. Their debut single “Padlock” is set to release on February 20th with two other songs currently in production for release later this year. From ambient leads, to heavy breakdowns – smooth cleans, to nasty low screams – there’s something here for everyone.

“We don’t fit your mold / so we’re left out in the cold”

Director Name: Bobby Houtari
Producer Name: Zach Jones

Twitter: @illist_band
Instagram: @illist_band

Song Lyrics: “Padlock”

* Verse 1
(I’m so sick of your)
This is not how it’s supposed to be
You’ve taken their heart
You’ve ripped it apart
The devil’s puppet
Villains from the start

The sick and poor
Have been clawing at your door
There it stays shut
all the while you’re safe and warm
you’re just a coward in chains
no recognition of love
Locked in your holy grave
so far from being saved

How long will it take before you let your idols fall
You fight for control up until you’ve lost your soul (you’ve lost your soul)

Verse 2:
There’s a venom in your veins
Infecting everything that you have made
Call this love
Separatists is what you’ve become

Every time I think about you all I taste is HATE

The standard that was set for you
Is counter to the things you bastards do

How long will it take before you let your idols fall
You fight for control up until you’ve lost your soul (you’ve lost your soul)

You were told to go and make a change
But all you’ve made is disarray

Medic To Murderer
all they’re looking for is someone
to bring them back to life
but you’re padlocked inside
We don’t fit your mold
So we’re locked out in the cold
Hoping one day you will find a way
To heal instead of wound

Look beyond your list of right and wrong
Against the grain where grace belongs”

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