Inraza – “Sociexit” Electric Funeral Records – Official Music Video

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Inraza – “Sociexit” Electric Funeral Records – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: São Paulo, Brazil

Artist Biography: INRAZA is a Brazilian metal band based in São Paulo. The initial project was brought up by Santiago and Robin. The idea was to blend the traditional heaviness of the style with modern elements from the later decades.
Few months after, Kelvin joined as the official drummer and Gabriel as the guitarist. Some vocalists took a test but after Stephany took the mic there were no longer doubts she’d be officially in.
Each member comes from different backgrounds and influences and their challenge/goal is to merge everything together to come up with an unique piece or art in the end.
Currently the band prepares to launch their first EP, ‘Sociexit’.

Director Name: Arnaldo de Souza
Producer Name: Media Recspect

Artist Website:

Record Label: Electric Funeral Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Sociexit”

So superficial And all your moves mechanic You think you fight for Something else than survival Slave to the pleasure Like all the others You were born inside a cage You’re slowly suffocating We’re all alone Programmed for damnation Everything’s virtual Debilitated They’re tracking every step Completely jaded You serve as you connect No other vision Sit down you must respect Inside this prison Are born your last regrets There’s no way out Here We’re all alone Programmed for damnation Everything’s virtual Break these walls An illusion Superficial The only victim is yourself.

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