Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls – “Nowhere To Go” Industrial Amusement

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Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls – “Nowhere to Go” Industrial Amusement – Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls’ new album, ‘But There’s Nowhere to Go’, is a cry from the broken belly
of the American Dream, where time, neglect and corruption have taken their toll on this grand experiment called the U.S. of A. Seems like there’s nothing left to do but howl at the moon, and set out through the wilderness of the unknown in search of a new direction.
‘But There’s Nowhere to Go’ builds on the same foundation of fiery roots-rock heard on their previous albums, which prompted Paste Magazine to call their first record, The Vain Hope of Horse (which featured guests Tom Morello [Rage Against The Machine], Wayne Kramer [The MC5], and Nels Cline [Wilco]), “a wonderful debut: ragged, soulful, and well written.” Famed rock journalist Dave Marsh said of their second disc, Packed for Exile, “Jason Heath And The Greedy Souls speak to the heartache and joy in the world,
with the wisdom not to try to separate them, and the skill to make all of it beautiful.” And American Song-
writer lauded their last release, A Season Undone, writing, “…if you’re a fan of rock and roll, it deserves to
be on your shortlist as one of the most heartfelt, honest and intelligently soulful rocking albums of the
The new songs were mostly written as the band was on tour after the U.S. Presidential election last Novem-
ber. Traveling the country in its aftermath, Heath saw and heard from all walks of American life and put
those observations into his new work. “It couldn’t be helped,” says Heath. “We are losing our national
identity. Everyone is looking for someone else to blame. Faith in the status quo has been lost. There is a
general feeling of confusion and misrepresentation, no matter who one voted for. There is a national ambi-
ence of panic, a fear of the unknown, and an overall distrust of any institution.” As Heath sings in the track
“Fair Fight,” “God don’t live in America …” Yes, he and his band pull no punches, but they also know that
this country and what it’s supposed to stand for is well worth fighting for. The song continues: “Alright so
your alibi is airtight and at first light we’ll be askin’ for a fair fight. We’ve been waiting too long… so bring it
Record stores might have filed their previous releases under “Americana,” but it’s unclear what that means
to the band anymore, as they’ve incorporated the musical influences of punk, alternative, soul, garage rock,
blues, and jazz into their sound, while pushing the expected boundaries of a typical alt-country, folk rock,
Americana production.
This is much like the musical alchemy within the songs on this crucial album – each is diverse, concerned about its own subject matter, and excellent unto itself – but, when listened to as a
whole, one really gains an understanding for what it’s all about, what we’re all about. The sacred and the profane. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Life, liberty and the pursuit of truth, beauty, and happiness. It’s up to us.
There’s nowhere to go… except up.

Director Name: Frank Future
Director Website: https://www.hencethegreyskies.com/

Artist Website: http://www.jasonheathandthegreedysouls.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jasonheathandthegreedysouls/
Instagram: http://Www.instagram.com/jasonheathandthegreedysouls

Record Label: Industrial Amusement
Label Website: http://www.industrialamusement.com

Song Lyrics: “Nowhere to Go”

Like a train
At the end of the line
Like an old racehorse
Crippled and blind
Like a dog
On the killing floor
Like livin’ in a tomb
without a door
Waiting in the dark for the horn to blow
trapped like a soldier in Jericho
There’s nowhere to go
Ain’t no call
from the governor’s line
The cavalry ain’t comin’
in the nick of time
the sea is burning
and the stars are gone
the rivers are bleedin’ and it won’t be long
we’re standing on a bomb that’s ready to blow
diggin’ through the fallout and the afterglow
There’s nowhere to go
there’s an unnatural attraction
addicted to distraction
got us trapped
stone frozen ice
we want in all right now
and we want it half price
there ain’t no more holy mountains
to crumble down and hide us
only temple ruins
deep inside us
to wake
or divide us
There’s nowhere to go

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