Landmine Heart – “No Direction Home” Aggrobeat Records

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Landmine Heart – “No Direction Home” Aggrobeat Records – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Arnhem, The Netherlands

Artist Biography: Landmine Heart, a four-headed Dutch punk beast consisting of members who served the last twenty years in bands like: Beans, Strike First, Shaggable Sluts, The Yuppies and Bitter Grounds. All the members have been playing in bands since the ‘90s and this history combined with the groups ability to draw from different punk genres, enables the creation of a catchy sing-along sound that will make sure that any audience feels like they are part of the show. Landmine Heart plays highly energetic punk rock. Mix this with the attitude of The Damned and The Stooges, the anger of Black Flag, the sleaze of The Hellacopters and the power of Motörhead, then you get the explosive sound of Landmine Heart: Anthemic, filled with hooks and with lyrics relating to real life, a style firmly embedded in the historic roots of punk.
Originated/Jinxed in 2010 after the demise of their old bands. Landmine Heart was all set to conquer the scene but a series of setbacks: dead, depressions, addictions, raising a family, marriages, divorces or other bands, all conspired against the band and the momentum was lost. Or one could say “life took over”. An occasional gig here and there and a rough and rowdy live recording, made with a iphone, was the only sign of life of the band in years. But that recording and the shows gained them enough credits not to die a silent dead.
In late 2016, the band returned invigorated with a new understanding of itself and pumped with a year’s worth of frustration. Jinxed from the start and more dead than alive the band reclaimed the stage and took no prisoners. But what once was a gathering of punks, skins, bikers, junkies, lowlifes and non-specified, was turned into an artfair for beggars and hangers-on. The smell of sweat and danger was replaced by the smell of roses and patchouli. The sound of the streets turned into the sound of art-school trendies who cry and whine and the only danger was the sticker in the back of the guitar amp. The boys were from the wrong side of town and didn’t quite fit in with the ‘art school’ scene.The band carried on regardless, and somewhat helpless as something called punk, that housed everything they stood for died a slow dead in a city once internationally known for it’s punk/hardcore scene and fuck you-attitude. Sick of what was left of that scene they helped to build, the band regained their strength on the ashes and ruins that where left behind . Eager to bring back what was lost on the way.
Bruised, broken, bitter, down but not out. These words define Landmine Heart through out the years. It formed and shaped a sound of bitterness with a little bit of hope. But…….if you step on it, it will explode!

Director Name: Noortje Bakker
Producer Name: Noortje Bakker

About the Video: Official single video

Instagram: landmineheart

Label Name: Aggrobeat Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “No Direction Home”

It`s been a while since my high dropped to a low.
The fucked up part is that it`s starting to show.
Fall down on my knees as I say my prayers.
But there is no forgiveness for me or for the things I did.

I`ve been here for far too long
I`ve got a heart without a home

Not that i`m lost here but I can`t find my way
I`m growing older but not wiser by day
Home is where the heart is, that’s where I want to be
But I keep drifting further away, is there a place for me

I`ve got a heart
Without a home
Got a heart without a home

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