Last Legion – “God Ov Chaos” Gravel Entertainment

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Last Legion – “God ov Chaos” Gravel Entertainment – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: New York City, New York, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Merging massive dueling guitars and epic lyrics infused with Norse mythology, LAST LEGION melds technical melodic riffs with the primal aggression of Scandinavian metal. When the war horn sounds, these New World Vikings gather from the far corners of the earth
Malharan the Skald!
Chris the dark elf and his Six-string Bow!
Dübek wielding Sword of Steel!
Mollo on the War Hammer of Doom!
and Ameer the Beheader!
From Europe to the Caribbean Islands, New York City to the Korean Peninsula, Midgard to the Beyond, when these men assemble, their true might begins to shine, and their hearts pump only pure Nordic valor! The ferocious mighty hymn will rise above the din of battles just begun. A sound of thunder leads the charge, and all who hear these epic beasts of war shall be compelled to follow. Loyal to fans as fans are to them, CROSS THE LEGION AND YOU WILL NOT LAST!

Director Name: Tom Flynn

About the Video: Directed by Tom Flynn (10 Years, Body Count, Otherwise, Angel Vivaldi), “God Ov Chaos” depicts a modernized version of the story of the jealous, malicious trickster Loki. Upon murdering Balder, the fairest wisest of Gods; Loki was severely punished by Skald. Bound to three stones in an underground cave, Loki sat fastened by the intestines of his very own slain son whilst a cobra dripped burning venom onto his face. Luckily for Loki, his faithful wife Sigyn, remained by his side with a bowl to catch the drops of falling poison.
However, once in a while, Sigyn had leave his side to empty the venom. While she was away, the dripping poison seared his face causing him to writhe in pain. Shaking violently, Loki brought about earthquakes in Midgard, the world of humanity. This remained the lot of Loki and Sigyn until, as destined, Loki broke free from his chains at Ragnarok and aided the giants in destroying the cosmos.

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Label Name: Gravel Entertainment
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Song Lyrics: “God ov Chaos”

Fallen earth, fallen sky
Bleeding, bleeding suffering
When I try again to break free
My writhing shakes the world
Curse the earth, Curse the sky
Curse the gods on the halls on high
Curse the middle earth, Burn it down

Soon I will be free
Then all shall know the
God of chaos

Frozen earth, frozen sky
Three long winters passed me by
Plotting, planning, suffering
I simply writhe to shake the world
Broken earth, broken sky
Break bifrost the bridge of light
Break the middle earth, smash it all

I’ve the blood of
The burning fire
Alone I’ll stand
God of chaos

I’ve the blood of giants
In me there is the burning fire
I will cut down the tree of life
I will cast down the cowards of asgard
Alone shall I stand
The king of the world
The master of fate
The god of chaos

I’ve the blood of giants
I cast down the cowards
Alone shall I stand

Alone shall I stand
King of the world
Master of fate
God of chaos

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