Led By Vajra – “Chains” Sliptrick Records – Official Live Video – 2017

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Led by Vajra – “Chains” Sliptrick Records – Official Live Video – 2017

Artist city, country: Caserta, Italy

Artist Biography: LED BY VAJRA is a brand new project born from the ashes of Thirsting for Revenge. Thirsting for Revenge is an Italy-based metalcore band born in 2011 thanks to an idea from the lead guitarist, Walter and a friend of his, Tony. They found other members in order to set a good start line up. The band immediately started to change its aims, recording “Raindrops”. In 2015 the band signed to This Is Core (Genova label) and released “Leaves in Autumn” in March 20.
Thirsting for Revenge played w/ band such as: BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, JINJER, INFECTED RAIN,DREAMSHADE, DESTRAGE, LANDMVRKS and many others.
LED BY VAJRA is the result of the band’s growth and change through years.
The band signed in 2017 with Sliptrick Records, releasing the first single “White Dress” from the new full length out in the late 2017.

Director Name: Mirco Condello
Producer Name: Mirco Condello
Video Editing :Marco Cantiello, Walter Orlando
Video Post production : GQ
Audio : GQ https://www.facebook.com/gab.schecter

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ledbyvajra/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/
ReverbNation: https://www.reverbnation.com/ledbyvajra
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ledbyvajraofficial/

Label Name: Sliptrick Records
Label Website: https://sliptrickrecords.com/

Song Lyrics: I give all i have in what I believe is the truth / You don’t give a fuck but what if my dreams were yours? / Money rules your world, what you rake in is really more? / A dollar sign is just an empty one if the air you inhale is soil … / Cowards, liars, stay away from my sight! / I won’t be your toy / I know you’re not blind, I see greed in your eyes that rules your devilish minds / surrounded by preppies and their shitty tastes I don’t have a chance to emerge from this abyss / I Know you’ve understood how this world is but I have something to say! / (Rit) I will break down this wall / I won’t bow to your will / this puppet master’s strings are just too feeble to hold me / I’ll go on and on, no matter what you serve / someone will help me out giving me his hand. // Greed pervades your eyes / You just suck life from everything, stay back! / (Rit) // time will give answers, we’ll see who is stronger enough / Music is life you can’t put a price and sell it like you sell your shit / You will not win ’till we fight / (Rit) // time will give answers, we’ll see who is stronger enough / cowards, liars, stay away from my sight / you will not win till we fight / I will break / my chains.

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