Living Machines – “The Aluna War” Official Music Video

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Living Machines – “The Aluna War” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Artist Biography: Living Machines is a transmedia metal project from the future realm of Gemini – a dark sci fi epic told through their music and comic book series, Gemini: A Tale of Future Earth.

Their first single ‘White Flame’ was released independently January 13th, 2017 and was later followed up by their first music video (directed by Teaghan McGinnis) that summer.

Their debut record ‘I: After Onyx’ was released independently on January 12th, 2018. It was mixed & mastered by Nicolas and Amael of Novelists/DNA Music Studio, and the release was supported by another music video ‘The Aluna War’ from Teaghan McGinnis on February 15th, 2018.

The comic book series that accompanies their music (written by Quinn McGraw and illustrated by David Cousens) has no set release date, but it is currently in illustration and the first issue can be expected to make its appearance sometime in 2018.

Director Name: Teaghan McGinnis
Producer Name: Teaghan McGinnis

About the Video: The Aluna War blends imagery and abstract filmography to convey the relationship between man and machine, and the internal conflict during times of war in an apocalyptic world.

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Song Lyrics: “The Aluna War”

The Great Collision brought a brand new race
Things that aren’t human and no one is safe
We opened fire rained death from above
Unfazed and undaunted they did not turn and run
Our civilization that lives by the sword
Refused to relent but our rage was returned
A sound from the havoc brought man to its knees
The war had begun and we swore we would not taste defeat

Make them regret
Each moment they remain
They won’t forget
What it is to be afraid
Make them regret
Each moment they remain
They won’t forget

Years have gone by and the war rages on
Casualties rising and families torn
The tired and weary begin to accept
That living this way might just be a fate worse than death

This all counts for nothing
Battles never mend
When everything you fight for
Is ruins in the end

Do you even know
What it’s like to have, everyone you love
Taken away
Everything we’ve known
Was torn away from us, and brought us crashing down
When our world came to its end

Our blood is on our hands

No change, no progress, nothing is won
Resources dwindle and hope is all but gone
The water keeps rising and land disappears
The fire within us extinguished by tears

And we don’t know how all of this will end
How much longer can we pretend
That this is where our heroes are born
And we don’t know

We don’t know where we will be
When the blood no longer falls
When the reasons we began to fight
Aren’t worth it after all
And we will see anything is possible
But a time will come for peace
Then a new day can begin

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