London Black – “The Edge” Official Music Video

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London Black – “The Edge” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Worcester, England, UK

Artist Biography: London Black are a modern hard rock band from the Midlands, UK. Bringing strong arena vibes, they hope to dominate with their modern, energetic sound. Powerful riffs drive their set and with hints of classic rock and electronic music they are destined to breathe new life into the rock/metal scene and beyond.
After spending years rehearsing and perfecting the ultimate set, London Black are now starting to emerge on the gig circuit.
Confident that they stand out in the saturated heavy scene, they hope to gain fans looking for a high energy, authentic sounding rock band.
For fans looking for more after a show, they can indulge in the expertly crafted debut single ‘The Edge’. Produced by established engineer Jim Pinder of Treehouse Studios, his huge modern production combined with great song writing leaves the listener with a racing heart and goosebumps. Jim has production credits on While She Sleeps album ‘You Are We’ and has worked with other huge metal acts such as Bullet for My Valentine, Machine Head and Fightstar. With a portfolio like this, they knew they could trust him to help achieve a huge modern metal sound.
To complement this polished record, they teamed up with video production trio Life Is Art Visuals. With LIAV’s expert knowledge and creative directors, they were able to collaboratively create a truly stunning music video. Complete with pyrotechnics and a heartfelt personal storyline, the finished product emanates professionalism.

“Proper pro level musicianship with gear and attitude to match”
Howard Sinclair (Live Engineer)

“A fantastic set and the atmosphere was incredible”
Robert Tite (50 Below Promotions)

Director Name: Life Is Art Visuals
Producer Name: Jim Pinder, Frank Arkwright

About the Video: The character is on the path of re-discovering his mission in life after relying on others to see him through. He realizes that the answer must be drawn from within and not from external factors. He revisits his roots before beginning the journey he was destined for.

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Song Lyrics: “The Edge”

I fear that you’ve outgrown me I fear that you don’t know me I fear that I’m losing my grip Come back to me, come back Cause it’s clear to see that I am falling The edge, I fear I’ve lost it somewhere We shared one moment of bliss Oh can’t we please explore this I fade but I’m still holding on Come back to me, come back Cause it’s clear to see that I am falling The edge, I fear I’ve lost it somewhere Somewhere, Somewhere All of these faces they weigh down my back I try to keep them hidden but they fall through the cracks I guess the truth will always come out in time But now I live in fear of the things that you’ll find Who’ve we become Lost sight of who we were What have I done It isn’t easy for me To take your word dishonest’s all you can be I’m not gonna go away

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