Myka 9 – “StarF0rce” Known Shadows – Official Music Video

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Myka 9 – “StarF0rce” Known Shadows – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: San Jose, California, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Myka 9 is known for rapid-fire, jazz-influenced, melodic rapping, often incorporating singing and occasionally scatting into his songs. Myka 9 has said of his style: “My rhymes take the direction of a jazz trumpet or sax solo, like Miles or Trane, if I was to rhyme in the same meter as those notes… that’s my concept.”

Myka 9 is featured in the documentary ‘Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme’. He is also featured in the award-winning documentary “This Is the Life”, chronicling the music movement that was birthed at The Good Life Cafe in South Central, Los Angeles. The Good Life Cafe is the open-mic workshop where he first performed with Freestyle Fellowship in the early 1990s.

Director Name: Kelvin Kurasaki
Producer Name: Freematik
Producer Link:

About The Video: This song is from an album called ‘Teleported’ which is a collaboration between Los Angeles hip-hop legend Myka 9 and Bay Area producer and motion comic creator Freematik. The concept was an album that was partially a soundtrack for the Dark Moon motion comic universe, and also explored other sci-fi concepts, in addition to being a classic hip-hop experience at it’s core.

The video features a Myka 9 green screen performance effected in various ways to add a psychedelic sci-fi element to the video. Myka 9 recorded his performance in front of a green screen so that we could experiment with effects in many different ways, and the result is a fresh experience to suit the unique music.

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Label Name: Known Shadows
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