Nameless Creations – “Wicked Wicked” Official Live Video – 2017

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Nameless Creations – “Wicked Wicked” Official Live Video – 2017

Artist city, country: Warsaw, Poland

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Song Lyrics:
How is your flesh is so weak
and your mind’s made of glass
I can see through it that my soul is black

you heard me knocking, but never opened the door
put your face into the sand
nothing left to regret by now

everything turns just as I planned

why is it like that?
how can I drink your tears
and the joy your sorrow brings
I hate what lurks inside, I hate this wicked thing

I’ve sold my conscience long before you were born
you haven’t listened back when they tried to warn you

I’ll write a poem with the scars of your illumination
one of many, but the dearest of all my creations

I want to show you hell, chain you in to the stone
And then I’d leave you alone… alone alone alone

Then I’ll leave you alone

I’ll keep to you myself
your every scream of pain nobody could hear
and then I’ll trick the devil and fool over God
The neckless I made of your tears
I’ll be the one to wear it proud
it’ll be a sign of the joy your sorrow brought to me
I know what lurks inside
I hate this wicked thing

But I love what it gives to me
I hate this wicked thing, but I love what it gives to me
I love what it brings to me
your sorrow, your tears, whole ocean of misery
I love this wicked thing
I think i love this wicked thing
I think i need this wicked thing

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