Not Inpublic – “Tear Drop Window” Spawner Records – Official Music Video

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Not Inpublic – “Tear Drop Window” Spawner Records – Official Music Video


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Artist City, State, Country: Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Artist Bio: Not Inpublic is punk, rock, whatever from the Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. Not Inpublic began in 2015 in the Vancouver indie/punk scene and quickly gained a fan base and released their debut album on the well established veteran indie label Spawner Records. Not Inpublic is pedal to the metal energetic, aggressive rock n’ roll with a dash of punk and metal. Their first single “Dead to Me” became a fan favorite prompting a music video with excellent online response. The release of four more music videos followed for songs “House on Fire”, “Tear Drop Window”, “Hot Seat” and “Lies” Not Inpublic has shared the stage with punk rock veterans D.O.A., Gob and countless other punk and rock acts throughout western Canada. Not Inpublic’s debut album is available for digital download on iTunes or direct from Spawner Records and distributed through Interpunk and c.d. baby. Not Inpublic is currently touring in support of their debut album with another album in the works for release in 2019.

Band contact:
Label / Booking Contact:
Director Name: John Ashdown
Director Website:
Producer Name: John Ashdown
Producer Website:

About the Video: Filmed on location in British Columbia, Fraser Valley and a old industrial shop

Artist Website:
Twitter: @notinpublicrock

Record Label: Spawner Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Tear Drop Window”

Tear drop window
I got it this far I just can’t get it in the truck
You look the perfect size I guess I’m in luck
You want the hose again? now enjoy your stay
With Precious by my side it’s gonna be a good day
Keep you in line I’ll be fine this is child’s play
It’s best to keep your mouth shut, just do what I say
Lotion in mind moisturize all the time you’ll stay
Your not keeping your mouth shut such a bad mistake
It’s hard times
Keep you in line you’ll do fine just do what I say
Beating Buffalo Bill up such a bad mistake
It’s hard times

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