Reward – “Fall Apart” Official Music Video

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Reward – “Fall Apart” Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Santiago, Chile

Director Name: Oscar Armijo
Director Website:
Producer Name: Oscar Armijo

About the Video: The video was recorded (DIY btw) in the bassist’s home in a room, early on a Sunday morning with a hard cocktail of motivation, beers and substances which ended up in a mad old lady neighbour calling the police … a few times. It was a total big time!


Song Lyrics: “Fall Apart”

Start falling down the sky just in front our eyes
While burning towers falls apart
People shouts, running from side to side
As if it works in our last blink
Ground turns red by the flowing blood
Cries, screams can be heard far away
The end of our era just starts
The world is taking what it belongs
Everybody must die
Listen to the sound of the crows
Angels descend destroying everything
The tale turning in reality
Soft layer of death cover us
I close my eyes and taste my breath
Deafening horns pointing our end
We’ve been forgotten by our Lord
This is something that I can’t control
Everybody must die
Listen to the sound of the crows
The mountains start to roar
My last goodbye to this landscape
You… left… us… alone!
The time goes by, the empire falls
The sun goes down and people die
The vultures fly over our heads,
Smelling the innocent blood
Peace says goodbye, this is the end,
Start to pray, cause we will die

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