Ruthless Saints – “One Eyed F*cker” Metal Bullet Records – Official Lyric Video

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Ruthless Saints – “One Eyed Fucker” Metal Bullet Records – Official Lyric Video – A KrankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Seoul, South Korea

Artist Biography: Maverick Stone (bass and vocals) and Johnny Flash (guitars, vocals, percussion and piano) of Erlang Kovata fame, decided to create Ruthless Saints as a homage to all the bands they loved. Their music is mix of huge stellar recording and violently beautiful melodies. At shows the band has wowed crowds across Asia, with their unpredictable performances that mirror old CBGB gigs.

Director Name: Jung Seong Min
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Producer Name: Hyeun Jung Seon

About the Video: We were out surfing and our surfing brother Henry, just looked too cool for school…This was the most dangerous day of the year to head out. The day before when we tried to shoot. The guitarist of the band cut his hand open on a nasty reef. We gave up shooting our original idea and decided to make a lyric video of Henry sizing up the waves smoking…

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Label Name: Metal Bullet Records
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Song Lyrics: Verse 1: Suck a Kiss
off a devil’s lips,
make it quick I need a new fix,
When it’s done I lose all the fun, I lose all the fun,
Chorus: He’s got one eye on me and the other on a gun (2x’s)
Verse 2:Two bullets a gamble for sure,
New town and I’m all alone
The biggest man, He ‘s got a new trick, yea he’s got a new trick,
(return to chorus)
Break: Here’s the town the showdown is now, the cards are thrown, the whiskey’s all done, the bullets fly and handkerchiefs go, Here’s the time, the showdown is now, the showdown is now….

(Return back to Chorus)

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