Skinn Jakkitt – “Molon Labe” A BlankTV World Premiere!

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Skinn Jakkitt – “Molon Labe” Skinn Jakkitt Studios – A BlankTV World Premiere!

Artist City, State, Country: Hickory, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: Founded in 2009 by high school buddies just looking to blow off steam with some cover tunes, the band now known as Skinn Jakkitt (SJ) has come a long way since then. Having weathered member changes, a record label’s bankruptcy and personal tragedy, SJ is back and better than ever. In the past year alone they have shared the stage with Lynch Mob, John 5, Elisium, Nonpoint, Silvertung, Super Bob and Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel. Their 2017 EP ‘Sacrifice’ contained the chart-topping singles “Soldiers” and “Remain,” and 2018 saw the release of “Molon Labe,” their biggest single yet. A behind-the-scenes video, “The Making of Molon Labe” secured the band’s cinematic legacy with its own Imdb page.
Comprised of vocalist Greg “Skinn” Stephens, guitarists Barry Sams and Shane Farris, bassist Jeff Hayworth and drummer Isaiah Lee, SJ has honed their craft in local clubs and national venues while writing, recording and releasing their own material on their label Skinn Jakkitt Records.
This year also featured the opening of Skinn Jakkitt Studios, a full-service recording, engineering, mix/mastering, complete audio and video capabilities.
Forgoing the typical odes to sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, Skinn Jakkitt focuses their song writing on topics such as personal loss, issues of global importance and the mistreatment of our military. Packing a punch with powerful riffs, tight grooves and melodic hooks, Skinn Jakkitt is music for the thinking man. Impossible to pigeon-hole, Skinn Jakkitt appeals to all fans of multiple genres of metal.
Currently Skinn Jakkitt is in constant rotation with various global radio stations. You can find us on Unphiltered Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Metal Nation Radio, 365 Radio, Outlaw Radio, iHeartRadio, Deezer and a host of others. We are currently working on a new album due out next year…… stay tuned!!

Director Name: Elliott McGough/Linda McGough/Mark Ball
Director Website:
Producer Name: Elliott McGough
Producer Website:

About the Video: Studio footage combined with footage from opening for Nonpoint and Superbob

Artist Website:

Record Label: Skinn Jakkitt Studios
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “Molon Labe”

You should choose your words wisely
Or you’ll find them bitter to eat
I’ve got my fist, I’ve got my sword
Xerxes soon you’ll meet your lord
300 men fought against the odds
Against a king that thought he was a god
I’ll never bow on bended knee
This battle will be our legacy
Death comes quickly
To those with closed eyes
The propaganda, don’t swallow the lies
They want to conquer, they want to divide
Lay down your weapons
History shows they want to disarm
Hitler convinced that he meant no harm
Six million dead Jews for all to see
Another reason not to forget history
Hitler was a giant coward
While taking guns and seizing power
He marched man, woman, child away
To their death not to see another day
Death comes quickly for those with closed eyes
The propaganda, don’t swallow the lies
They want to conquer, they want to divide
lay down your weapons
From London all the way to LA
Violent people will find you and me
With guns, knives, bombs or a rock
It’s not the weapon but the person that needs stopped

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