Sound Of Survival – “Redefine” Official Music Video

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Sound of Survival – “Redefine” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Rock lives on in the heart of every fan that believes in it. A heartbeat is the reason rock will never die. It is the Sound of Survival. The passion as what unites us all as Rock fans and musicians.

Director Name: Jamal Johnson and Allison Lavaux
Director Link:

About The Video: A performance video shot at an archery course in dense woods in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: Redefine

Been awhile since I’ve been at peace
Forever searching for that sweet release
Trying to be what they want for me
Losing myself along the way

Living my life on the downfall

Never broken, always bending
However, forever is ending
I can’t live this lie I’m not alright
Never broken, always bending
However, forever is ending
Tripped on my halo guess I hit a new low

Buried the truth, knee deep in lies
Willfully blind to my compromise
I won’t be, what they want for me
Die a shadow of who I should be

Pre Chorus

What measures a man when he’s got nothing left
Does he crumble and fade with the ashes to dust
Or does he swallow his pride and make the best
True colors shine when the odds are against us

I’ll tell every story
that comes with the scars
Of working twice as hard
To get half as far

Dreams were shattered
Hope was lost
Rules were broken
Lines were crossed

Sever the ties
I won’t compromise
This life is mine

I’ll go my own way

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