An Old Friend – “They Feed On Me At Night” A BlankTV Feature!

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An Old Friend – “They Feed on Me at Night” A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: An Old Friend is an Alternative Rock quartet from Long Island, New York. Following the release of their upcoming EP, ‘I Am, I Was’ they plan to hit an East Coast run of shows, dates pending.

“An Old Friend is significantly ahead of most contemporary peers in their stylistic niche; they show an ability to stray from the norm and focus on truly innovative fragments, as opposed to one linear hook yearning for radio airplay.” -Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound Magazine

About the Video: The video was shot at Vudu Studios, in Port Jefferson, New York. It’s a straight forward performance video for the first song they’re releasing from their upcoming Ep, ‘I Am, I Was’.

During the shooting of the video, there was a smoke machine being used to smog the atmosphere a little bit.
It doesn’t look super foggy in the video, but it almost felt as if the band was in a giant vape cloud the entire time.

Another fun fact: the director was actually the first engineer the band had tracked with years back, and didn’t know that until meeting up for the video shoot in person.

Director Name: Tom Flynn
Director Link:
Producer Name: Tom Flynn
Producer Link:


Song Lyrics: They would not have known it was us, if we never made a sound.

so tell them all of this was intentional

intentional, and all the truth well it just might, all the truth well it just might be, set to far behind my eyes, strange Samadhi, well it shrouds my mind.

I’ve been up for hours
way to caught up in my own thoughts
so I lie with this pseudo comfort
to get by through the night
I need to find these answers
I long for in my head
I’ll burn these wicks through the floors
they built to ground me from my thoughts

it will end soon

Remember we are all born in the dark
conceived first by though
it’s deeper than mind, we all feel fates dream weaving the rhythms of time
It’s getting harder to breathe, I’m analyzing all these feelings I have hidden deep
I’m buried in self pity an fear
I’m lost in all the noise that I hear
a lust for dark to call home
stood still in my eye, a clear view of fates design
another tortured dream, trying to escape reality

I shied away from, all that I know
Because I needed it to grow

It took time to see this in a clear view

Over and under, they’re pulling me in to push me right back out

So tell them all of this was intentional
I can’t shake this
Intentional, I can’t shake what I’ve become

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