Spill Your Guts – “Get Impaled” Official Music Video – A BlankTV Feature!

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Spill Your Guts – “Get Impaled” Official Music Video – A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Shanghai, China

Artist Biography: Exploding from the burgeoning China hardcore scene (“CNHC”), Shanghai’s Spill Your Guts bring a raw, D.I.Y. hardcore spirit to a movement as transient as it is dangerous. Comprising a quintet of expatriate members — vocalist Dima (Russia), drummer Tyler (Canada), guitarists Larry (Scotland) and Martin (Denmark), and bassist Ian (Canada) — SYG were formed in 2012.
Over the years, contending with eleven separate members moving in and out of the country, as well as pressure from capricious government regulations, they experienced a flurry of roster changes. The band’s first live show was in April 2012, with a pair of live EPs released independently before 2014 when they issued the five-track ‘Slip and Fall’ EP. Featuring a bloody delivery reminiscent of Fucked Up, Every Time I Die, and Cancer Bats, ‘Slip and Fall’ was quickly followed by the one-off single “Poisoned Minds” later that summer.
A split 7” with Russian hardcore brethren Broken Fist dropped in January 2015. As SYG continued to tour in mainland China, they found their way to sweaty stages in Singapore, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur. In the summer of 2016, they released their follow-up EP, ‘Full Blast’, with country wide shows and festival appearances. 2017 saw SYG’s first full-length debut, ‘Hungry Crows’, followed by a small China tour and a 5,000+ km tour across Russia.

Director Name: Laura Imkamp
Director Link: https://vimeo.com/lauraimkamp

About the Video: Official video for the song ‘Get Impaled’ by SPILL YOUR GUTS (Shanghai, China), shot while on tour in Russia in October 2017. Featuring the trans-siberian railway experience, vodka, anti-Putin protests, underground bedroom wrestling, insane mosh pits, Russian bath houses and blast beats!

Chinese music streaming sites:
QQ Music: https://goo.gl/J742Ua
虾米 (Xiami): https://goo.gl/ZF9oDV
网易云: https://goo.gl/KoA5Ba

SYG on social media:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spillyourgutsband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spillyourgutsband
Youtube: https://goo.gl/x4dqiN
豆瓣: https://site.douban.com/spillyourguts/
Weibo: https://weibo.com/spillyourguts
VK: https://vk.com/spillyourguts21

Song Lyrics: “Get Impaled”

Don’t like the color of my skin?
Get impaled
Not true enough to play your gig?
Get impaled

Don’t like who I have chosen to love?
Judging for praising not your god?
Marching with straightened arm in air?
Go back to your medieval lair!

Get impaled
Ship sailed
Get impaled
You failed

Some people pray, some masturbate
Some search for answers, some debate
Some get stoned some throw rocks
While some are tired from you folks!

Some fall some stand up
Some give some pick up
Some really never understand
Why we live this way at our own gate

Get impaled

Feeling the urge to disapprove
How I am spending my own time
You think you know how to improve
I think you need to get impaled

Judging for the beliefs I’ve got
Denounce lack of faith in god
Forcing to follow beaten path
You are the shunned and the despised

With all problems in the world
You fucks decided to bring more
By judging others not like you
And segregating different views

Time for exiles to rise up
Declare war on hypocrites
Now inquisitors turn to hide
Witches are starting their own hunt

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