Strzęp Pieroński – “Dzieci Bram” Official Music Video

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Strzęp Pieroński – “Dzieci Bram” Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Katowice, Śląskie, Poland

Artist Bio: Band from Poland (Katowice City), which was established in 2015.
They describe their music as punk rock with garage energy and a slightly dark cover.From the very beginning, they play in a regular line-up, which resulted in the recording of the first material
“Wszystko zostaje w rodzinie” (“Everything Is Staying in the Family”) at the Waiting Room Studio in Oświęcim in 2018.
If you like the sound of punk rock in the old style devoid of unnecessary guitar solos, raw guitar riffs and involved social lyrics here and there with a slight provocation, this band will definitely appeal to you.

Director Name: Strzęp Pierońśki
Director Website:

About the Video: The music video and recording was realized at their own expense.


Song Lyrics: “Dzieci Bram”

Nie mają ojca albo matki
Patrzą na świat z perspektywy klatki
Smutek na twarzy w sercu wielka dziura
I każdy dzień jest życiem kanałowego szczura
W brudnych bramach
To dzieci śląskich miast
Ich wczesne życie jest jedną wielką walką
W domu dziecka ze świetlicową salką
Na samym starcie straciły zaufanie
Brak nadziei na lepsze jutro na zawsze zostanie
W brudnych bramach
To dzieci polskich miast
To dzieci bram!
To dzieci bram!!!
Dzieci bram
Stoją właśnie tam
Skąd ja to znam
One czekają
Czekają właśnie tam
Translation in ENG:
They do not have a father or mother
They look at the world from the perspective of the cage
Sadness on the face and the heart is full of emptiness
And every day is the life of a canal rat
In dirty gates
They are children of Silesian cities
Their early life is one big fight
In an orphanage with a club-room
At the very start, they lost confidence
Lack of hope for a better tomorrow will always be in them
In dirty gates
They are children of Polish cities
They are children of the gates!
They are children of gates !!!
Children’s gates
They are standing there
where have I heard this?
They are waiting
They are waiting there

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