The Busted Uglies – “Yesterdaze” Official Music Video

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The Busted Uglies – “Yesterdaze” Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Lancaster, California, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: Formed early 2018, with the three original members Ben, David and JD. Now with new members Tyler (bass) and bruv James (rhythm guitar), we’re talking our reggae rock roots to the next level.

Director Name: Tim Fraizer
Director Website: Tim Fraizer and Ben Treat
Producer Name: Tim Fraizer
Producer Website: 3/2 Productions

Instagram: @the.busted.uglies

Song Lyrics: “Yesterdaze”

Woke up this morning took a look in the mirror,
Thought I was a brand new person ,
till the same old shit had happened again,
Oh baby I’ve been waitin’ for you to come,
Well I’m still countin’ the seconds,
How they fall and form into a million separate lies
I fall into the same old patterns of my yesterdaze,
Oh it only reflects a little when I’m in the glare of my shades
No matter what you tell me it goes in one ear and out the other,
Unless you yell like mama cause she yells as loud as thunder,
It doesnt matter what you say, oh he’s just tryin’ to get laid,
Tryin’ to take you in the back,
Tryin’ to take you in the shack
Why can’t we all arrive on time,
I’m so punctual it’s a crime,
Everything I say is way over your head,
Baby baby baby you don’t get my references

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