The Filthy Famous – “White Knuckle” Official Music Video

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The Filthy Famous – “White Knuckle” Official Music Video


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The Filthy Famous – “White Knuckle” Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: The Filthy Famous is a two piece rock group from the Twin Cities formed in 2017.

Director Name: Jonathan Camp
Director Website:
Producer Name: Jack Endino

About the Video: Filmed at the band house in 2019.


Song Lyrics: “White Knuckle”

I your hands, white knuckle
Honey whose side you on?
As your knees, they buckle
Restless and nodding off
You best be guessing again
If you think that’s all she wrote
I’ll do my best to forget the writing on the wall
In your heart, white knuckle
Honey, where do you get off?
I seen your struggle, but I don’t want the one I got
You’re never gonna wanna belong, never quite like this
I told you, but I could be wrong
I’ll be the last to admit

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