The Love Songs – “D” Official Music Video

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The Love Songs – “D” Official Music Video – A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Oakland, California, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Bad band name, ok songs.

Director Name: Alex Koll
Director Link:
Producer Name: Alex Koll
Producer Link:

About The Video: An infomercial of sorts for our new record.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: 1 letter that I want
2 share with you…It’s got its
3-D sonic imagery,
“4” is its place on the decoder ring.

Hint hint, it’s the letter D.
Did you catch that?
It’s the letter D.
Bludgeon you with subtlety!
To be clear I did not say E.
No, D!

My library is weighted heavily
by so many bands that start with “D”.
From Descendents to DS-13,
Depeche Mode, Def Leppard, Diesel Queens,
Days Off, Degenerics, Deities, Dead Beat Nicks,
the Dwarves and DJ Leibowitz…
even The Decay – the best worst band ever to exist.

D.E.R., Dead and Gone

Diana Ross
Dusty Springfield
Dirty Dirt and the Dirts
Dayglo Abortions

Danzig, Dag Nasty, DEVO,
Dicks, Dickies, Dresden Dolls,
Dr. Dre Del, and Dr Know,
Dead Kennedys and Diamond Head,
Dead Milkmen, Del Mar, The Damned,
Deicide and Danny Elfman,
Duran Duran Duran Duran Duran.

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