The Wheelz – “I’m So Tired Of Living In The U.S.A.” Wanda Records

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The Wheelz – “I’m So Tired of Living in the U.S.A.” Wanda Records – Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Tulsa, Oklahoma / Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: The Wheelz are a snotty punk rock band from around the Mid-West. For fans of The Briefs, Buzzcocks, Cyanide Pills & The Damned.

Director Name: Jarrett Barnes
Producer Name: Jarrett Barnes

Instagram: @thewheelz_

Label Name: Wanda Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “I’m So Tired of Living in the U.S.A.”

Another mass shooting only means it’s just another day
That’s the way you live and die, when you’re livin in the USA
Every politician doesn’t mean a single word they say
Just spewing out words written by the men that pay their wage.

Land of the free,
home of the brave
I think it’s time for me
To be getting on my way

Im so tired of living in the USA x 4

The wage gap grows and grows every single year
And your hours get longer but they still forget your here.
Get pandering and promises on television every four years
From the same men that have been fucking you for years.

Land of the meek
Home of the slaves
I think leaving is the last way I have
To have my say

I’m so tired of living in the USA x 4

I’d rather go down
to Germany
Or on the beach in Spain

Then spend another day
In America
Where our president’s insane

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