Tonight We Stand – “Invisible Enemies” A BlankTV Feature!

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Tonight We Stand – “Invisible Enemies” Sliptrick Records – A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Venice, Italy

Artist Biography: Italian metalcore band Tonight We Stand was born in January 2016 by mutual decision of five guys to make their way into the so-called modern metal scene.
Inspired by huge names like Avengend Sevenfold, Trivium, Atreyu, Iron Maiden, the band never meant to be a clone of somebody else.
Tonight We Stand is blending melody driven guitar attacks and sing-a-long epic melodies with old school metalcore power.
Fired up by the personal twists each member wanted to bring to the band, time was not wasted and songs quickly flowed out in the reharsal room, where the five dudes honed their craft to the maximum, finetuning every single riff, melody, scream and song structure in order to let their debut EP “Redemption” see the light.
The 4 ‘Redemption’ songs were born, and studio time booked in September, the same year.
And this is just the beginning; the band, which can already count on a thick and loyal army of fans, released a music video for the smash sing-a-long song ‘Invisible Enemies’, touring through Italy and by the start of 2017 also through Europe.
Things couldn’t look brighter on the “Tonight We Stand” path.

Director Name: Daniele Bagolin


Label Name: Sliptrick Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: Alone I run through the night,
The end is near, nothing can change.
Life is slipping away as I’m slowly vanishing.
Crows wait me like a corpse,
I see their sins into their eyes.
Death watch me until I fall,
but I still stand up.

A shiver in my bones, scars on my wounds.
Searching for a light to save my life.
The sky’s burning, lost souls are roaming.
Lost is my soul, screaming through the walls.
I don’t wanna die, just pass me by.
Angels of the light, are you coming tonight?

I’m so sick and confused,
’cause I can’t escape from my refuse.
I hear voices in my mind, I can’t deny, but now I will fight.

Seven trumpets start to play, I see all damned people praying.
Fear’s what I feel, is growing up within me
The battle still rages on to an enemy that I don’t see.
Charon waits me on his boat, but I choose my destiny.

The ghosts of the past are hunting my present,
They’re pulling me down but I grab on to my future.

Rise from the grave, fight for your life
Lightning strikes our sins away, until the end of time.
Rise from the grave, fight for your life
Lightning strikes our sins away, until the end of time.

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