Übergang – “Angst Vs. Kraft” Demons Run Amok – Official Music Video

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Übergang – “Angst vs. Kraft” Demons Run Amok – Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Göttingen, Germany

Artist Bio: Übergang’s first output ‘Zeichen der Zeit’ was released via Demons Run Amok Entertainment in October 2017. Since this date the band has played around 60 shows. Unfortunately several problems appeared internally, so the band was forced to make a move and change several musicians. With Andor Arnhold on Lead Guitars, Sven Vaupel on Guitars and amazingly talented Drummer Louis Schaffert three new members were found, who were willing to sacrifice a lot of private time to put Übergang to a new level. The idea for the new record was clear: Not another old school record but songs that represent the band in the “here and now”. 10 new songs were written between May and September 2018. All of them were composed by Andor Arnhold at his private studio and Vocalist Sebastian Walkenhorst delivered vocals and lyrics. Demos were recorded between October and December 2018. At this period all things were focused on the new Übergang material.
In November 2018 the band played shows with Napalm Death to present the new material and proved that they are stronger than ever since.
After the recordings were done Arnhold’s good friend and band mate from other projects Dennis Poschwatta, who worked for the first Übergang release as engineer, put the new record with his mix to a new level.
The new album features varied songwriting and contrasts: Straight Thrash parts change with groovy midtempo, moshparts meet melodic structures and the vocals show a large variety from growls and screams to ‘clean singing’. Every musician shows a boundless passion for every single song and this is why DIY is the doctrine. With Demons Run Amok Entertainment again a label was found who shares the visions of Übergang.

Übergang are:
Sebastian Walkenhorst – Vocals
Silvio Schlesier – Bass
Louis Schaffert – Drums
Andor Arnhold – Lead Guitars
Sven Vaupel – Guitars

Director Name: Silvio Schlesier
Director Website: https://www.facebook.com/uebergang.de
Producer Name: Silvio Schlesier
Producer Website: https://www.facebook.com/uebergang.de

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/demonsrunamok
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/demonsrunamokentertainment/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ0UrIPb2BWflWOJBRCT9AQ?view_as=subscriber
Bandcamp: https://demonsrunamok.bandcamp.com/
Artist Website: https://www.facebook.com/uebergang.de

Record Label: Demons Run Amok
Label Website: http://www.demonsrunamok.de

Song Lyrics: “Angst vs. Kraft”

Totale Verneinung dessen, was sich erstrebenswert nennt
Das zu erklären, zu beschreiben, wäre inkonsequent
Ich schau von außen zu, Spiegelverkehrt
Die Worte ohne Ausdruck, den Atem nicht wert
Gar Nichts, kein Traum lässt dieses Ziel vergessen
Vom Kampf der inneren Dämonen
Lebendig aufgefressen
Qual der Sehnsucht, ohne Absicht, Lebenswert
Aus Angst wächst Kraft, Aus Angst wächst Kraft.Ob ich es je bere
uAus Angst wächst Kraft
Ein Aderlass der inneren Distanz
Schweigend ohne Akzeptanz
Klag nicht und bleib mir vom Leib
Den Judaskuss, viel zu oft empfang
Klag nicht und bleib mir vom Leib
Bewusst gewählt, kein Selbstmitleid
Wehrhaftigkeit, mit klarem Geist
Dein Selbstbild sucht, ein Paradies
Unter Trümmern
Aus Angst wächst Kraft, aus Angst wächst KraftAus Angst wächst Kraft, aus Angst wächst Kraft

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