Uncle Djuzeppe & The Mob – “DNA” UJ&TM / Worst Records

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Uncle Djuzeppe & The Mob – “DNA” UJ&TM / Worst Records

Artist city, country: New York City, New York, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Uncle Djuzeppe and the Mob is a raw and blazing new ska-punk band from NYC. Bridging backgrounds from Eastern Europe to the American Midwest, UDM is taking over the world with a unique sound and pure energy.For a short time they had play a lot of shows with well know bands like Strawberry Fist Cake, Some Kind of Nightmare, One Way System Transfer,The Ladrones etc. Fresh and original sound to your ears!

Director Name: Al Arkhangelskiy, Dima Treez
Producer Name: Dima Treez, Uncle Djuzeppe & The Mob

About the Video: Simple punk video at Music Building in Midtown Manhattan, band playing, footage very cool and dynamic.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uncledjuzeppe
BandCamp: https://uncledjuzeppe.bandcamp.com/
Instagram: @uncledjuzeppe

Label Name: UJ&TM / Worst Records
Label Website:

Song Lyrics: “DNA”

What you got on your watch?
If you ask me, then I say
I just woke up after death
And broke that door to go with the flow to the beautiful place
I am dancing at the dance floor
I’m not gonna take an express train
While music is playing I’m gonna stay

Let me take my time and while
That bridge is on fire
I’m gonna sing that song
You can’t stop us
That music became a DNA part

Makes me wake up
Go and find, get low it’s fine
Missing life is a big mistake
There’s no other take
Hungry enough
To have red eyes
At red light district
But I’m here, NYC
And while music is playing I’m gonna stay

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